We have a little bit of obsession with scouring street style sites, and during Fashion Month we absolutely overdosed on the good stuff. Seeing so many images in a short time frame is (of course) inspiring, but also a little confusing: there are so many outfit ideas bouncing around in our heads that it’s hard to decide which inspirations to pull from sometimes! To help sort out our favorite street style snaps, we’ve dedicated ourselves to pinpointing our favorite pics and nailing the look. Luckily, with stylehaus’ merch at our disposal, it’s pretty easy! Exhibit A: Joanna Hillman in a black, blue, and fringed look.
Hillman was the epitome of effortless chic at Paris Fashion Week in a simple mix of black and blue. Here, it’s the little details that make all the difference: the oversized fit of the blazer, the minimal gold chokers, the fringed purse. Love!
A look like this is easy to emulate with a few key pieces, like a great pair of black pants and a boyfriend blazer. We immediately thought of our fave stretch skinny jeans and threw them on with a high-necked black blouse. On top, we layered our “Ex-Boyfriend” blazer in blue- 50% off!
The finishing touches were our newest gold necklace- we LOVE the minimal shapes- and our trusty fringed bucket bag. If you want to get this look too, all pieces are available at stylehaus.

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